Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity

Educational Efforts for Young Adults

The Institute conducts a series of seminars for university students and recent graduates in several countries around the world.

Seminars for University Students

As part of its efforts to build capacity in individuals and to create spaces for learning about the betterment of society, the Institute offers a sequence of annual seminars designed to accompany university students through four years of university studies. Each seminar is approximately ten days long.

The purpose of these intensive seminars is to raise the consciousness of youth about the importance of engaging in action and discourse directed towards social change; to develop their capacity to reflect, to analyze, and to learn from action; to explore elements of a conceptual framework for contributing to the advancement of civilization; to provide them with tools to understand and analyze the culture in which they are immersed as well as the content of the university courses they are studying; to help them assume ownership of their education; and to assist them in their efforts to acquire the kind of knowledge that will enable them to live fruitful, productive and meaningful lives.

Seminars for University Graduates and
Young Professionals

In addition to the sequence of the seminars for university students, the Institute also offers a seminar for university graduates.

The seminars for university graduates and young professionals aim to assist individuals to develop the capacity to examine and analyze society and the forces acting upon it, and to contribute to the evolution of thought and practice within their academic and professional fields and in other spaces in which issues relevant to social progress are being addressed. Participants in these seminars study elements of a common framework, such as concepts, principles and approaches, which can give direction to the generation of knowledge over time and across a range of disciplines and areas. They also begin to examine selected social phenomena pressing to the life of humanity and areas of thought and their implications for the advancement of society.

The seminars provide spaces in which young adults can join others to share and consolidate experiences and ideas on common themes in order that their individual and collective efforts to contribute to societal discourses can become richer, more sophisticated, and more closely tied to the needs of society—all in light of a framework that views science and religion as two inseparable systems of knowledge which propel human progress.

A list of the locations where these seminars are held can be found in the Events section.