Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity


As the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity participates in discourses concerned with the advancement of civilization, it is attempting to document key insights and perspectives that emerge from its collaboration with diverse individuals and organizations who share a common commitment to the betterment of society. The documents below, which have been written for this purpose, may be downloaded and printed for individual use. These documents are not for further distribution, in electronic or printed formats, without prior permission of the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity.

Science, Religion and Development: Some Initial Considerations

This document articulates an initial set of concepts and principles that are guiding the Institute’s exploration of the complementary and constructive contributions that both science and religion must make to processes of social and economic development.Download

Science, Religion, and Development: Promoting a Discourse in India, Brazil, and Uganda

This document brings together the experience and insights of diverse groups of people – academics, policy makers, and development practitioners – who have contributed to the discourse on science, religion, and development on three continents. The document is a modest contribution to the formidable task of rethinking some of the basic concepts that inform development thinking.Download

May Knowledge Grow in our Hearts: Applying Spiritual Principles to Development Practice

This document shares insights the Institute has gained into the nature of development work that is cognizant of both the spiritual and material dimensions of reality. The case of Seva Mandir illustrates how an organization can employ the methods of science and the principles of religion together while working for a more humane and just world.Download

Advancing Toward the Equality of Women and Men

This working document probes issues that lie at the heart of the struggle for the equality of women and men. The insights and perspectives offered in the document arise from the Institute’s efforts to generate systematic learning and gain new insights, in collaboration with others, about the cause of gender equality.Download